Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A pastel drawing done years ago .. I think I have already posted the initial drawing for this one. After the initial drawing I worked over the top with pastel and pastel pencil.


Tonya Vollertsen said...

Rosalie, I just love the look of the models you use! There is such a wonderful quality to their faces and the strokes with which you paint and draw them. I so enjoy seeing what you come up with next! Amelia is beautiful! (what size are these? I don't see any sizes)

Rosalie Wrona said...

Tonya, Most of the things I have posted on this blog are 'old' ones because creating anything new has been difficult for me lately. Amelia is probably eight or nine years old now and my style has changed a bit over the years. I have been trying to 'paint' more these days but drawing comes more naturally to me. Most of my previous drawings have been in pastel and many have been destroyed due to poor storage and the occasional bonfire to cull the worst of them. So a lot of these images are stored digitally and I don't have the size recorded on them - but I will try to remember the sizes in future :) I think Amelia is about 6" x 12" approx. I framed her and gave it to my daughter for her birthday because she liked it.