Sunday, June 6, 2010

Orange Portrait

I've been unwell lately .. hence the slow-down in blog posts .. so I will have to put some older things up here. In the meantime I have been forced to rest and have been thinking of ideas for future projects .. some of them actually using acrylic paint.
This portrait was done last year at Tafe .. the idea was to create a portrait from a photo reference using complementary opposites on the colour wheel. I chose blue and orange for mine.
Jo Sonja Acrylics on canvas 30cm x 40cm There are small touches of blue in the facial features which may not be showing up here and also some in the background.


Stan Kurth said...

Wow, this is beautiful Rosalie. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Rosalie Wrona said...

Thank you for commenting Stan. every time I use acrylics .. I seem to flounder around being unsure of 'how' I am using it. This is the style of use that seems to be emerging. I'm quite heavy handed with it .. not washy at all. But I think it's ok .. who knows how it will develop in the future.