Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paint and monoprint ..

Another of last year's Tafe assignments was this one .. using a reference photo. The idea was to explore Contrast of Hue .. ie. undiluted colours in their most intense luminosity. Also to experiment with the effects of dark lines that separate single colours. to explore the different effects of flat patterns and how it is possible to retain unity. Finally .. monoprinting on the finished painting .. which I did on the background and on her clothes. I found the image of the girl and rearranged her arms .. she was sitting in front of a window .. so I turned it into a screen so that I could monoprint onto it. I also invented the vase of flowers and put one in her hair to complete the composition. Jo Sonja acrylics on canvas. Size - 28cm x 34cm.  Phew! Hopefully I fulfilled all those requirements.

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