Friday, October 1, 2010

Solar Prints

I've been rummaging in my Printmaking folder lately .. and found a couple of old Solar Prints done at Tafe last year. The one above was done in a bit of a rush from what I remember. I made a simple drawing of a girl on a small sheet of drafting film. The teacher provided a large selection of images printed onto transparent sheets for us to cut up and use with our drawing. I didn't even get time to trim the foliage images properly .. just placed them wherever :O .. so may look a bit rough. Later a colour roll was run over the plate before printing.

This second one is also a Solar Print .. but made totally with collage. I called it 'Lost Dog' .. Cuttings were taken from magazines to make a small collage and glued onto a sheet of paper. The collage was photocopied onto a transparent sheet of acetate before printing.

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