Saturday, March 12, 2011

A little bit Barbie ...

I started this small sketch the other night when I went to the art society.  It looked quite nice as a quick study but I thought I would push it further today.  It then became too overworked and I had to attack it to pull it back a bit.  Phew!  Sometimes you have to fight with them to make them presentable.  She's a bit Barbie-like in my opinion .. but, well ... I have no excuse for that :)  It's about 6" x 5" approx. on Fabriano, Tiziano pastel paper


Stan Kurth said...

Having raised 5 daughters, believe me, I know Barbie and this excellent work is not Barbie. (in my opinion)

I can relate to the fight. I'm a fighter, just part of the process for me.

Rosalie Wrona said...

Hi Stan, Wow! 5 daughters they must have kept you busy. I have two daughters but they were tomboys and had guinea pigs, rats and mice for pets :) no Barbies!
I quite like it when a drawing gets to the stage where I have to fight with it. Then it's make it or break it time.