Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pastel pencil sketch - Amanda

This one is a bit loosey goosey .. I often choose reference images to work from based on the feeling that they give me .. the emotions that they stir .. does that make sense?  Anyway, this one was not very clear to work from and I had to imagine more than I usually do and invent lots of it.  So here it is .. and 'no' it's not poor Amy Winehouse - as people have suggested .. although I did realise that it was beginning to look like her when I was drawing it.   I'm annoyed with myself for missing out on a competition to draw Lady Gaga in one of her recent outfits to appear in a fashion magazine that she writes for.

I had a bit of a further fiddle with this one.  Just adding the impression that she was sitting in a chair which she was not in the reference image.  And a couple of minor changes in the drawing - still wanting to keep it simple.


Connie said...

The lines here are gorgeous - I'm just a fool for beautiful lines. Lovely!

Rosalie Wrona said...

Thanks Connie, I quite like this one myself :)