Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mushroom sketch

Well .. here I am again .. drawing mushrooms to keep my hand in.  These were destined for the horses trough as they were past their use by date.  Feeling rusty after not drawing much lately I decided to flex my drawing fingers on them last night.  I recently bought some new Cretacolor pencils and I'm trying out the 'Nero' extra soft on this drawing.  These pencils are Oil based and very smooth.  I discovered it's best to sharpen them with a knife after breaking two of the precious leads in a regular sharpener.  The 'Nero' is actually charcoal mixed with oil.  I have often looked for these pencils as I have used them in the past and found them on-line in the little country town of Glen Innes at 'Colours on Grey'
See image below - they come in a nice tin with a selection of six oil based pencils.

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