Monday, March 26, 2012

Oil Sketch experiments ..

Since I have been inactive for so long on this blog I thought I may as well put this up here as it has been sitting on my easel for ages .. just waiting for me to do something to take it further.  It's an oil sketch on oil sketch paper.  I wanted to experiment with this surface as I have not been happy with any of the surfaces which I have painted on with oil previously.  I found it much easier to work on.  This basic sketch was quite easy to get onto the paper quickly.  I started to work on it but wiped it off a bit, which is why the face is looking a bit blotchy, and have never been back to it .. until today.  When I took it into Photoshop and did some fiddling with it.  You may see further progress with it .. or 'not' .. it may yet go to the bin.  lol   ..  Burnt Umber sketch on Eraldo di Paolo Oil Sketchpad.

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