Sunday, October 21, 2012

Burlesque Exhibition - Wendy Sharpe

Wendy Sharpe is a well know Sydney Artist having won the Archibald Prize in 1996 and the Sulman Prize in 1986.  Her exhibition Burlesque opened last week at the 'King Street Gallery on William'.
Wendy's interest for this exhibition was in the small scale shows in the inner Sydney area also the Art House Hotel and other venues in the Darlinghurst area where patrons can go to draw the models in costume.
My daughter Sarah was dressed as Marilyn Monroe at one of these places one evening when Wendy spotted her.  Later Sarah sat for her and she completed the painting below.  Most of the paintings in the exhibition have been sold including the one of Sarah as Marilyn.  It sold for $9900.00.  I would have liked to buy it but it was beyond my budget unfortunately.
The paintings can be viewed at the gallery website:

Sarah posing on the left with the Marilyn hairdo and Wendy Sharpe on the right on the Burlesque Exihibition opening night.