Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Flamenco Dancer ..

Back! ... that might sound strange to some of you .. but I have been lost in a wilderness as far as my art goes for about 2 years.  After a big operation in  2010 many things changed for me .. I felt like I had lost my way, especially with my art.  Recently things have changed with my health.  I am ok .. in very good health in fact.  But the operation changed the way my body worked and this had an impact on my art, my outlook on the world and my life.  I have been artistic since as long as I can remember .. probably kindergarten when my classmates would ask me to draw in their school books for them.  It's the 'Flamenco Dancer' .. drawn from a very poor image in pastel pencil and I enjoyed drawing it  'very much' .. it is my drawing style! emerging again.  It is a simple drawing .. no embelishments .. just the figure and especially the face.  'The Flamenco Dancer'  She does her job .. dances for the patrons in the club, she is beautiful but she has a life beyond the stage and it shows in her face here.  The image was small and so I just went with the shapes and this is what emerged.  'The Flamenco Dancer'.


Caryl said...

I live in South Africa... no Tango dancers :o) When I visited Argentina a few years ago, I went to a spectacular who all about the Tango, where it began, why they did the tango what they wore... from then until today... it was amazing.
Watching the tango dancers in the streets was wonderful too... there is an intimacy in the dance that really does communicate..confidence and screams... this is who I am.
I love the new drawing and brings back fond memories.

Rosalie Wrona said...

Hi Caryl, I'm glad you like the drawing. I often draw from poor reference images and they usually take on a life of their own as they progress. I really know nothing about Flamenco/Tango dancers - but somehow this drawing turned into one. :)