Sunday, February 1, 2015

Black Coat

'Black Coat' .. Finally got around to drawing at about 11pm tonight.  This one almost hit the bin but I got tough with it eventually and started pushing it around.  It's a bit grubby .. yes! .. but here it is.  Feeling a bit more like drawing lately - been nursing a sick pony with a serious eye injury and all that paddock duty has taken some of my strength and concentration away.  Temps. been in the 40s celsius here lately and some fierce storms.  But he is on the mend now although I have fears for his sight.  Worst scenario would have been removal of his eye but thankfully we have avoided that.  The usual Fabriano Pastel Paper .. can you tell I hate preparing surfaces to make art?  lol  Always just grab the old Fabriano when in the mood to draw.

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