Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An old painting and a new studio ..

I've been tidying up and sorting through some old work that has been hiding away in neglected folders.  This one .. 'Clare' .. is approx. 9" x 10" I think .. I've put it away again but should have measured it first. It's acrylic on canvas .. done some years ago.

The reason for the clean up is because I have suddenly been given a studio space in this old house. The room is quite large but has been neglected and in need of repair.  Most of the work has been done now and I have painted the walls etc.  I am going to paint the floor too so I think it will probably be ready in a couple of weeks.

It is about nine years since I did any serious painting (if it could be called serious) .. lol  But I have desperately wanted a painting space for a long time.  I expect that I will be doing lots of experiments with paint and I really feel like I will be starting like a beginner again as I am so out of touch with paint.  I hope to revive this blog with new work.

This image is looking out through the studio window at the back of the house.